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We will not phone you unless you express a wish for us to do so.

We do not employ any photocopier or printer sales people.

Renting, leasing or buying a copier or printer can seem complex at first, we are happy to answer questions and offer advice.

Our aim is to continue growth through outstanding service.

Some of the things to consider when shopping for printers and photocopiers.

1/ Size, will you be needing to print up to A3 or would A4 be sufficient.

2/ Colour or Mono, this can make a big difference to price.

3/ Users, the number of people connected to and using the copier.

4/ Speed, pages per minute is important for high volume demand.

5/ Scanning, most modern printers and copiers will do this.

6/ PC's / Mac's, Or both, some copiers and printer work better with one or the other.